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Pride Cast MetalsSM brings years of practical know-how and problem-solving to the challenges of today's manufacturing.

Lighting Casing Whether it is pattern making or tooling in our own pattern shop, reliable, high integrity aluminum or brass castings with superior mechanical properties, completely machined finished parts, or assembled products, you can count on us to help you determine the most effective and economical combinations for your business.

Our new Kamlok Division, a recent acquistion from OPW/Dover Resources, provides a wide variety of quick disconnect fittings.

Both our foundry and machining quality are reflected in our repeatable dimensional accuracy and metallurgical integrity.

Whether you need ten castings for prototypes or thousands of castings for production runs, Pride Cast Metals offers complete and flexible services. We do business by supplying economy, reliability, and fast turnaround whether it be by Kan Ban or pull systems. Our on time delivery system puts parts on our customers' docks when they need them.

Pride Cast Metals has three full shifts of capacity for your casting, machining, testing or assembly needs. Statistical Process Control, Kan Ban, Cell Manufacturing, and many other world class manufacturing techniques are used throughout our plant.

Ensuring customer satisfaction, providing high quality, competitive and lower pricing, short lead times and on time deliveries with improved customer profits is what our customers have come to expect from Pride Cast Metals. No matter how you cut it, you can rely on us for your aluminum casting, brass casting and machining excellence.
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