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Kamlok® Division
Pride Cast MetalsSM has been manufacturing the Aluminum and Brass Kamloks for OPW since the early 1970s. In 1999, we began handling all warehouse responsibilities for the Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel Kamlok and Autolok® product line as a result of restructuring within the OPW Group.

The quality and warranty of OPW, the service and capabilities of Pride Cast MetalsOn March 9, 2001 Pride Cast Metals, Inc. purchased the Aluminum and Brass Kamloks from OPW/Dover Resources. Since this time, deliveries and production for the Kamlok product line have been at an all time best. Transitioning into the management of the Aluminum and Brass Kamlok product line has been a smooth process with minimal interruptions experienced by our customers.

Soon we will expand the Aluminum and Brass Kamlok product line back to its original capabilities of more than 350 different products. Many odd size adaptors and couplers, along with special reducing couplers and adaptors will be stock items by the end of 2001.

Twin-Kam® Kamlok Couplers

Twin-Kam® Kamlok Coupler
Note: For orders to military specification, certification of compliance to MIL-C-27487 will be furnished, if requested with order.

Easy Coupling Easy Coupling action. Minimal effort at the ends of the cam arms close adaptor and coupler.
Highest Quality Gasket Materials Highest Quality Gasket Materials.
Stainless Steel Pins Stainless Steel Pins will not rust or bind.
Highest Quality Alloys Highest Quality Alloys.
Hydrostatically Tested Hydrostatically Tested.
Exclusive OPW TWIN-KAM Arms Exclusive OPW TWIN-KAM Arms.
OPW Brandname OPW Brandname for identification and product warranty.
Interchangeability Interchangeability with other couplers made to the same specification. Kamlok Quick Couplings are manufactured to the dimensional specifications of MIL-C-27487.
Guaranteed For Life Arms Guaranteed For Life Arms. Our Strong Arm Guarantee: In the unlikely event that a Twin-Kam Arm ever breaks, we will replace the Arm free — no questions asked.

Parts And Accessories
Pride Cast Metals offers parts and accessories for Aluminum, Brass, and Stainless Steel Kamloks. Our patented Twin-Kam Arm replacement kits are available in Brass and Stainless Steel, supplied with Stainless Steel pins that will not rust or bind. Pride Cast Metals also carries the highest quality gaskets for all your special chemical needs. Please call if you need a recommendation for the proper gasket material.

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